XSR 700 Yamaha Bad Winners Yard Built

Bad Winners #YARDBUILT2020 XSR 700 The Disruptive

Organized by Yamaha, the Yard Built brings together the cream of the world’s bikes builders to create the winning design for its #backtothedrawingboard competition. Barbara Custom Motocycle won the contest by delivering a blasting version of the XSR 700, “The Disruptive”.

Bad winners took up the challenge of its realization despite a disturbed period to give birth to this Street Tracker which turns out to be a real little bomb.


Yard Built looks back on this adventure with a mini documentary of four episodes, the opportunity for Benoît and Walid to tell us about this Yard Built 2020 experience and the building of the XSR 700 “the Disruptive” which Bad Winners has just launched on the market.

Bad Winners Yard Built's first participation with the XSR 700 Yamaha

Walid, first of all I imagine that, in spite of everything, after ten years of Bad Winners’ existence, participating in the Yard Built and delivering one of its most prominent preparations represents a certain achievement?  


Yes, we have been working on the Bad Winners project for ten years. Against all odds the project has developed in a resolutely DIY spirit despite all sorts of constraints and with few means at the beginning. The leitmotiv has been to do, redo, do again, Makers obliges…


Over the years we have acquired a reputation and a reputation that has allowed us to be highlighted by the specialized media : Bike Exif, Built, Pipe Burn, Cafe Racer Magazine, Petrol head…

This recognition has enabled us to establish close relationships with several brands that supply us with the vehicles on which we develop our preparations and motorcycle kits. Today we collaborate with brands such as: Royal Enfield, Husqvarna, Sc Project and of course Yamaha.


Recently references from the motorcycle world have trusted us to prepare their bike, I think in particular of Charles Leclerc the Ferrari F1 racer for whom we made the Apex 2.0 from a 701 Vitpilen Husqvarna.


Taking part in the Yard Built is therefore a recognition that confirms that our initial intuitions were good: Less is more… ” Our “preparation” philosophy lies in a concern for dynamic and technical improvement of the vehicles. The result is a minimalist design, with sometimes sharp lines that reflect the performance and aggressiveness of the motorcycles we prepare.

Badwinners XSR 700 preparation's recipe

How does this translate concretely into the preparation of the XSR 700?


We very rarely touch on the motorization of the vehicles we prepare. The aim is therefore to make the vehicle lighter. To this end, we have molded a tank and a rear shell in carbon. Working with carbon also allows us to obtain greater flexibility and precision in the realization of the desired lines.


The performance of the XSR 700 is also optimized by replacing the silencer with a titanium Akrapovich exhaust. We have b on the sporty dimension by replacing the fork with a YZF R1 (2019) fork, whose tee we have custom-produced to make it fit. Logically we replaced the braking system with a Beringer Supersport Kit.


The riding is also revised accordingly with the replacement of the handlebars by a raised Renthal Flatbar which offers a much better handling of the bike.We have also equipped the cockpit with the new Bad Winners counter. This meter that we have developed this year is a Plug & Play meter that equips most of our new custom bikes and will be sold separately at the end of the year.

Both a daring design for the XSR 700 Yamaha and a real challenge

Benoît, the drawing of “The Disruptive” is particularly audacious. One can imagine the technical challenge that such a preparation represents for an independent workshop that does not have industrial means. How was this made possible?


For several years, we have been striving to stay at the highest level regarding new technologies, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and work in collaboration with the best tools at our disposal, which is why we manage to stick as close as possible to our customers’ expectations.


For this XSR 700 project, we modelled in 3D the flat bike that Barbara Motorcycle provided us with, adapting it to the technical constraints of the motorcycle. There are many parameters that come into play in a preparation project, such as the dimensions of the motorcycle, the mounting brackets or the integration of invisible parts that are essential to the proper functioning of the motorcycle.

We make prototypes in 3D impressions which, once validated, will be molded to finally obtain the final parts in fiber or carbon. The metal parts are either laser cut and then bent or machined by numerical control (CNC). All parts are reassembled on the motorcycle to validate the whole project before being disassembled again and finally sent for painting or anodizing.


Moreover, we have started to use these techniques for exclusive projects like this one. These modes of production have considerably widened our offer to the greatest number by proposing a greater variety of Moto Kit to be assembled by oneself and Made in Bad Winners spare parts adapted to the original motorcycles allowing each one to personalize his motorcycle.

The future of motorcycling is an hybridization of arts ang mixing genres

It seems that Barbara and Bad winners have found each other well around the theme “The disruptive”. How do you see the evolution of motorcycle design and the future of motorcycling in general?


Our approach consists of an hybridization of different genres. We can’t say that Bad winners is a custom brand specialized in the Café Racer, the Scrambler, the Neo retro or other.


We don’t care so much about the  “chapels” however we integrate in our preparations several references from different types of motorcycles to arrive at something new.


We are finally the product of our time and this can be felt in our technical approach as said above but also in our aesthetic vision. The hybridization of the arts, the mixing of genres, all this corresponds to a trend that goes beyond the motorcycle sector. We are for example particularly inspired by what Kiska studio does.


The obsession of detail, like that injected in XSR 700 project, the quest for precision, allow us to hold together all kinds of diverse and varied references. This is also the reason why our preparations appeal to “purists” as well as to a new public of demanding motorcyclists, both in terms of design and road performance.


There is an undisguised desire to open up the world of motorcycling to a greater diversity of people, to decompartmentalize it and to represent a new generation of motorcyclists concerned about the ecological, aesthetic and societal issues of the contemporary world. As such, the Yard Built is one of the major events that carry this same vision.Green mobility is a theme we are currently working on and I invite you to stay tuned as important announcements are planned between now and the spring of 2021. Stay tuned ..!