The Wasp Waist


Since this was the first Triumph Bonneville I’d even done, I wanted to approach it with a concept in mind. My thoughts were revolving around the thin waist of a wasp and how this could be portrayed through the line of the tank and the seat. I wanted to create a bike that was aggressive but hidden within, a touch of elegance. By keeping the original Bonneville tank I reworked the seat to create the vision of a tight wasps waist, which gives the bike its elegant curves.


Type: Carburator
Engine: 800cc
Carbs: OEM w/ Dynojet Stage 3
Airfilters: K&N
Exhaust: Spark MotoGP
Headlight: Custom made box / LED
Speedo: Motogadget Tiny
Tires: Pirelli MT60 RS Corsa
Suspension: YSS Eco Line


€16,000 (Price includes Bike)

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